Copper garage doors

Copper Garage Doors

Hill Country Garage Doors provides copper-clad garage doors for the ultimate in home differentiation. In addition to its inherent qualities of beauty, durability and low maintenance, copper is one of the most resource-efficient building materials available today, according to the Center for Resourceful Building Technology (CRBT) located in Missoula, Montana. The majority of copper used in the United States is made from recycled material

One reason for copper’s longevity is its protective patina, a film that occurs when copper is exposed to the elements. Over time, the metal’s shiny red exterior develops a blue-green (or nut brown, in arid locations) coating that protects it from deterioration. The Statue of Liberty is the best example of the patina that develops when copper is exposed to moist air.

Our copper-clad garage doors are available in a minimalistic flush exterior face, as well as, copper-clad doors with a cedar wood design overlay.

Flush Copper Clad Garage Doors:

Flush Copper Garage Doors

Copper Clad Garage Doors with Cedar Design Overlay:

Copper-clad garage door with cedar overlay

Copper-clad garage door with cedar overlay